Excel isn’t just a tool – it's a way of Life!

Excel isn’t just a tool, It's a way of Life!

Excel Formulas, Functions, Pivot Table, Power Query, Power Pivot, Programming (VBA), Shortcuts, Tips & Tricks

Excel Formulas

An Excel Formula is an expression that calculates the value of a cell. Commonly used Excel formulas explained with Examples...

Excel Functions

Excel Functions

An Excel Function is a Predefined Formula with a human-friendly name. Excel Functions explained with examples...

Excel Macro

Programming in Excel

Automation in Excel (Macros) explained with examples...

Excel Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel

200+ keyboard shortcuts in Excel explained (Videos and Articles)

Excel Charts


Excel Charts

Tools and Features in Excel

Tools & Features

Different Tools and Features in Excel

Pivot Table

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Power Pivot

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