Ctrl Key Shortcuts in Excel

Ctrl Key Shortcuts in Excel
Key CombinationAction
Ctrl + 0Hide Columns
Ctrl + 1Display Format Cells dialog
Ctrl + 5Apply or Remove Strikethrough formatting
Ctrl + 6Hide and Show Objects
Ctrl + 8Show or hide outline symbols
Ctrl + 9Hide Rows
Ctrl + ASelect All
Ctrl + BApply or Remove Bold formatting
Ctrl + CCopy selected cells
Ctrl + DFill down from the top cell in the selection
Ctrl + DDuplicate Object (with objects)
Ctrl + EFlash Fill
Ctrl + FFind and Replace
Ctrl + GDisplay Go To dialog
Ctrl + HReplace
Ctrl + IApply or Remove Italic formatting
Ctrl + KAdd Hyperlink
Ctrl + LCreate Table
Ctrl + NCreate a New workbook
Ctrl + OOpen an existing workbook
Ctrl + PPrint file
Ctrl + QQuick Analysis Tool
Ctrl + RFill right from the cell on leftmost cell in the selection
Ctrl + SSave workbook
Ctrl + TCreate an Excel Table
Ctrl + UApply or Remove Undeline formatting
Ctrl + VPaste content from clipboard
Ctrl + WClose the current Workbook
Ctrl + XCut Selected cells
Ctrl + YRedo last action
Ctrl + ZUndo last action
Ctrl + F1Expand/Collapse Ribbon
Ctrl + F10Maximize Current workbook window
Ctrl + F2Open Print preview window
Ctrl + F3Define name
Ctrl + F4Close current workbook
Ctrl + F9Minimize Current workbook window
Ctrl + HomeMove to First cell of a worksheet
Ctrl + Page DownGo to Next worksheet
Ctrl + Page UpGo to Previous worksheet
Ctrl + ‘Copy formula/content from the above cell
Ctrl + –Display Delete dialog
Ctrl + .Toggle through edges of selection (Clockwise direction)
Ctrl + /Select Row differences
Ctrl + ;Enter current date into a cell
Ctrl + [Select direct precedents
Ctrl + \Select current Array
Ctrl + ]Select direct dependents
Ctrl + `Show formulas
Ctrl + ↑Move to Top edge of Data region
Ctrl + →Move to right edge of Data region
Ctrl + →Move one word right
Ctrl + ↓Move to Bottom edge of Data region
Ctrl + ←Move to left edge of Data region
Ctrl + ←Move one word left
Ctrl + EndMove to last cell used in a worksheet
Ctrl + EnterConfirm Entry and Stay in the cell
Ctrl + EnterEnter the same data into Multiple cells
Ctrl + SpaceSelect entire column/columns
Ctrl + TabGo to Next workbook
Ctrl + TabMove to next Tab

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