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I am Ajay Anand, a Civil Engineer by education, Highway Engineer by profession, Coder by interest and occasionally a Blogger.

I started XL n CAD as an effort to learn and share Tips, Shortcuts and Tutorials related to MS Excel & AutoCAD

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I have seen many professionals spending a great amount of time on repetitive processes which are quite easy to automize. Most of them are not aware of the essential features of MS Excel and AutoCAD.

For example, the programming interface of Excel and AutoCAD. This feature allows the user to create programs (Macros) which will take care of repetitive processes and saves time. How much time do you need to add 500 worksheets in an Excel workbook? A simple program created using VBA can complete this task within seconds.

You don’t need to be a programmer to do this. Code for this program and tons of programs like this are available for free. You just need to copy that code and paste it into the VBA editor. Once you create a program, it can be saved for future use and can be shared among multiple users.

I have a done more than 100 videos on several features in Excel and AutoCAD which are Great Time Savers. If you are here for the first time please do visit my YouTube channel and check it out yourself.

I am pumping into XL n CAD, every piece of information and knowledge which I acquired during my Highway Designing career spanning around 11 years. I would like you, to be a part of this knowledge sharing process and make it a wonderful experience.

Thanks & Regards
Ajay Anand

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