AutoCAD macro to Extract Coordinates of 2D Polyline (LW Polyline)

Extract Coordinates of 2D Polyline

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Following is the VBA code to extract Coordinates of Polyline in an AutoCAD Drawing

Dim XLnCADObject As AcadLWPolyline
Dim i As Integer
Dim x As Double, y As Double
Open “E:ExtractCoordinatesOfALWPolylineLWPolylineCordinates.txt” For Output As #1
Dim basePnt As Variant
ThisDrawing.Utility.GetEntity XLnCADObject, basePnt, “Select a Light Weight Polyline”
Dim Cords As Variant
Cords = XLnCADObject.Coordinates
For i = LBound(Cords) To UBound(Cords) Step 2
x = Format(XLnCADObject.Coordinates(i), “0.000”)
y = Format(XLnCADObject.Coordinates(i + 1), “0.000”)
Print #1, x; y
Next i
Dim length As Double
length = Format(XLnCADObject.length, “0.000”)
Print #1, vbCrLf; “Length of the selected LW Polyline is “; length
Print #1, vbCrLf; “Number of vertices of the selected polyline is “; (UBound(Cords) + 1) / 2
Close (1)
End Sub

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