AutoCAD macro to Extract Coordinates of AutoCAD Blocks

Macro for Extracting Details of AutoCAD Block

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Following is the VBA code to extract Coordinates of Blocks in an AutoCAD Drawing.

Sub ExtractDetailsOfAutoCADBlocks()
Open “E:ExtractDetailsOfAutoCADBlockExtractedDetails.txt” For Output As 1
Dim X, y, z As Double
Dim XLnCADObject As AcadObject
Dim XLnCADBlock As AcadBlockReference
Dim XLnCADSelection As AcadSelectionSet
MsgBox “Select Objects”, , “XL n CAD”
On Error Resume Next
Set XLnCADSelection = ThisDrawing.SelectionSets.Add(“XLnCAD_SelectionSet”)
Set XLnCADSelection = ThisDrawing.SelectionSets(“XLnCAD_SelectionSet”)
For Each XLnCADObject In ThisDrawing.SelectionSets(“XLnCAD_SelectionSet”)
If XLnCADObject.ObjectName = “AcDbBlockReference” Then
Set XLnCADBlock = XLnCADObject
X = XLnCADBlock.InsertionPoint(0)
y = XLnCADBlock.InsertionPoint(1)
z = XLnCADBlock.InsertionPoint(2)
Print #1, X; y; z; XLnCADObject.Name&; ” ” & XLnCADBlock.Layer
End If
Close (1)
End Sub

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