Frequently asked Excel Questions & Answers

April 2020

How do I count the number of cells down a column until I encounter the first empty cell in Excel?

How do I merge Excel cell 1 (PGD, BSc) with cell 2 (2013, 2009) to obtain cell 3 (PGD 2013, bsc 2009)?

Is it possible to give a word or a sentence a number value in Excel?

How can I make a formula auto-fill non-adjacent cells in Excel

What is the order of operations in Excel?

How do you display the top and records in an Excel pivot table using built-in options?

March 2020

How do you plot a graph like “y = 3 x^2 -5” in Microsoft Excel?

How do you combine concatenate data from multiple rows into one cell?

What are some tips of Microsoft Excel that are very useful in making data entry work?

How do you multiply many numbers in Excel?

If I do not complete a given target, I want the cells to be formatted red. What is the best way to go about it?

How can you prevent someone from copying and pasting a cell from your Excel sheet?

Which is the best YouTube channel for learning Excel in 2020?

Can we earn by freelancing if we are an Excel expert in India?

What is the formula to remove duplicates in Excel?

How do I insert more than one row in Excel?

How do you drag a serial number in Excel?

How do I replace “0” as “blank”, not change 10, 20’s “0”s in Excel?

How do I insert a fraction in Excel?

How can I import data from a database and transfer to an Excel sheet?

How do I rename all Excel sheets of one file in one go?

How do I apply a formula to an entire column in Excel?

How do I attach any Microsoft Word file in Microsoft Excel?

How do I create a pie chart in Excel with percentages?

How do I add a drop down calendar in MS Excel?

How do you add an apostrophe to multiple cells in Excel?

How much data can power pivot handle? What is power pivot used for?

What is the difference between a PowerPivot and a pivot table?

What are 5 things that XLOOKUP in Excel can do that VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP can’t?

How do I extract email from list of hyperlinks in excel sheet?

How do I protect the content of my excel workbook?

How do you add or pad leading zeros to numbers or text in Excel?

How do you fill X number of cells with values based on another cell?

What is the best alternative to handle such big spreadsheets?

How can we prevent a wild character from getting a match in Excel compare?

How can I make MS Excel automatically fill the rate of things when I enter the name of things?

I want to count the cells without counting duplicates twice. How do I do it?

How do you copy a formula in Excel with cell references?

What is the easiest way to convert an Excel spreadsheet to a Word table?

How do I get a reference to the last occurrence of a value in an array in Excel?

How do I filter cells by the length of text in Excel?

How do you Auto Number rows if an adjacent cell is not blank in Excel?

What are the differences between Excel versions 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013?

February 2020

Is there a hot key for strike-through?

How can I shuffle rows in Excel?

There are 1,279 file names in my Excel sheet but there are 1,583 files in the folder. How do I delete only the files which don’t have file names?

How do I hide/show a pivot table field list in Excel?

How do I move Excel sheet with keyboard?

How do I move Excel sheet with keyboard?

How do you insert the current file name in Excel?

How do I get Excel to return column header if a value appears in row range?

How do you click on a cell in Excel and go to another cell?

In Microsoft Excel, how do I remove duplicate rows (including the original one)?

What does the character ^ do in an Excel formula?

Is there any trick in Excel to change the Gregorian date to the hijri date?

How can we convert a Hijri date to Gregorian, and vice versa, in Excel?

How do I create an interactive checklist in Excel?

How do I copy multiple worksheets to another workbook?

What’s the difference between the Xlookup function and the VLOOKUP function?

How do I remove the extra line in the formula bar?

Where and how can I give my suggestions for making improvements in MS Word and MS Excel applications?

On an Excel sheet, what is the active cell indicated by?

What is the shortcut to unhide columns in Excel?

What is the shortcut to delete sheet rows in Excel?

What are the constants used for in Excel?

How do I shade alternate rows in Excel?