Macro to Protect Worksheets in Excel

Protect Every Worksheet in a Workbook with a password

Sub ProtectEveryWorksheet()
Sonder = InputBox("Enter the Password to protect the worksheets", "Protect worksheets")
For Each XLnCAD In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets
XLnCAD.Protect Password:=Sonder
End Sub

Unprotect Every protected Worksheet in a Workbook

Sub UnProtectEveryWorksheet()
Dim Pass As String
Pass = InputBox("Enter the Password to Unprotect the worksheets", "UnProtect worksheets")
If Pass = Sonder Then
For Each XLnCAD In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets
XLnCAD.Unprotect Password:=Sonder
'this password should be the same which you used to protect the sheets
MsgBox "Incorrect Password"
End If
End Sub

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