MATCH Function


The Excel MATCH function can be used to locate the position of a value in Row or Column.

MATCH function is often combined with INDEX function to retrieve the value from a matched position and is a powerful VLOOKUP alternative.

Function Type

Lookup and reference


Get the position of an item from a list or an array of values.

Return value

Number representing position of the searched item.


=MATCH (lookup_value, lookup_array, [match_type])


look_value – The value to search for.

look_array – The array or table in which lookup_value is searched.

match_type – [optional] 1 for exact or next smallest, 0 for exact match, -1 = exact or next largest. 1 is the default value.



MATCH function returns #N/A error if no match is found.

MATCH function is not case-sensitive.

In case of duplicates, MATCH function returns the first match.

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