NOW Function

NOW Function


The Excel NOW function is a DATE & TIME function that will return the current date and time.

Function Type

Date and time


Return current date and time

Return value

A serial number representing date and time.




NOW function takes no Arguments


Current Time

The following formula will return the current time.


Current Date and Time

The serial number returned by the NOW function contains the current date in it. For a cell or cells to display current date along with current time, apply the following Number Format to that cell or cells

dd-mm-yyyy hh:mm


NOW function is a Volatile function that will update every time when a worksheet or workbook is recalculated.

To return the current date use TODAY function.


CTRL + SHIFT + : is the shortcut to return the current time into a cell. Note that the time generated using this shortcut is a static value and won’t update automatically.

CTRL + ; + SPACE + CTRL + SHIFT + : is the shortcut to return current date along with current time into an Excel cell

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