Top YouTube Channels and Blogs with Free Excel Tutorials

Bill Jelen aka Mr. Excel is a 17 times Microsoft Excel MVP award winner. His website answers over 30,000 Excel questions a year.

Bill Jelen also manages a YouTube channel in the same name and has done more 2,000 videos on Excel.

Whenever Microsoft releases a new feature in Excel, you can expect Mr. Excel’s video on that feature within a few hours.

Trump Excel

Managed by the Excel MVP, Sumit Bansal, is one of the world’s most popular website for Excel Tutorials.

Sumit has a YouTube channel in the same with more than 300 videos and the playlist called Free Excel course is highly recommended for Absolute beginners as well as Intermediate users of Excel.

ExcelJet is one of the most popular websites for Excel Tutorials on internet. Exceljet is managed by the Microsoft Excel MVP Dave Bruns and his wife Lisa. The Articles and Videos of Exceljet are always clear and straight to the point.

Dave also manages a YouTube channel in the same name.

Excel Easy

Founded by Niels Weterings, is another popular website for Excel Tutorials.

XelPlus by Leila Gharani

Leila Gharani is a best selling instructor, Microsoft Excel MVP and also the owner of

She has has a YouTube channel in her name with Tutorials on Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Power Automate and many other Microsoft Applications.

With a subscriber base of more than 1.5 Million, this is one of the largest and fastest-growing YouTube channels for Excel Tutorials.

Excel is Fun

The Excel MVP, Mike Girvin’s, Excel is Fun is one of the most subscribed YouTube channel for Excel Tutorials, with over 7,80,000 Subscribers. Mike has got more than 3,500 videos on his channel.

Excel Campus

The Excel MVP, Jon Acampora manages

Jon also has a YouTube channel in the same name and one of his videos, Introduction to Pivot Tables, Charts, and Dashboards in Excel is one of the most viewed YouTube videos in the category of Excel with more than 11 Million views.


Dashboards are the specialty of Mynda Treacy, the Excel MVP from Autstralila. She manages the YouTube channel MyOnlineTrainingHub and with more than 70 videos on it. Mynda’s videos are highly recommended for people who want to become Dashboard experts.

Mynda also manages the website

Excel & Power BI Tutorials from Chandoo

The Excel MVP Purna Duggirala aka Chandoo manages a YouTube channel called Chandoo and has more than 200 videos in it. Chandoo do videos on Excel as well as Power BI.

His website is great place to learn as well as discuss about Excel.

Excel on Fire

Managed by the Excel MVP, Oz De Soleil, the YouTube channel Excel on Fire is committed to a vision of a world with clean, trustworthy data – using Excel as the main weapon. Oz’s videos on Excel, especially on Power Query, are Excellent tutorials and know for its fun and bold humour.