Excel Formula to Insert Sheet Name into a Cell

In this article, the Excel formula to insert the Name of the Worksheet is explained in detail.

Here is Step 1: Return the File Path, File Name and Sheet Name using CELL Function

CELL Function in Excel can used to return the information about a cell in an Excel Worksheet. The following formula will return the worksheet name, along with the file name and file path.


Here, Test is the Sheet Name, Formula to Extract Sheet Names.xlsx is the File Name and F:\Excel Trick is the Folder Path

Step 2: Locate the position of ‘]’

FIND function can be used to locate the position of ‘]‘ in the filename returned by CELL function.


The formula has returned the number 53 which is the position of ] in the file name returned by CELL function.

Using the position of ‘]’ inside MID function, we can extract the sheet name


Formula returned the Sheet Name Test.

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