Separate Positive and Negative Numbers in Excel

This blog post is about 2 Excel formulas that can be used to Extract positive and negative numbers in Excel.

Using MAX and MIN functions

The Excel formula =MAX(B3,0) will return the number in cell B3 only if that value is positive.

Similarly, =MIN(B3,0) will return the value in cell B3 only if that value is negative.


To hide Zero values, Go to the File tab of the Excel ribbon > Options > In the Excel Options dialog, Advanced >Under the heading, Display options for this worksheet > Unmark the checkbox against, Show a zero in cells that have zero value > Click OK.

Using IF function

=IF(B3<0,””,B3) will return the value in cell B3, if the value in cell B3 is positive.

Likewise, =IF(B3>0,””,B3) can be used to extract negative value from the cell B3.

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